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Low-Carb/High-Fat – How I’ve Been Eating

If you’ve made it here, chances are that you are familiar with the food pics that I submit on my Instagram page. (If not, feel free to check those out here). If you are familiar with my food and random shenanigans, you may have seen the tags that I include at the end of each pic’s commentary: #keto, #LCHF, etc.

“What you talkin ’bout, Willis?”

If you’re new to the terminology, it may be a bit boggling. What does it all mean? “Keto” (ketogenic diet) is another way of addressing low-carb/high-fat foods. “LCHF” is the abbreviation of low-carb/high-fat. Many of the hashtags that I add to my pics pertain to that in one way or another. Basically, most of the pictures of foods that I post are made specifically to have low amounts of carbohydrates and high amounts of fat.

“Wait…Did you say these foods are high in FAT?! Isn’t fat bad for you?”

Yes and no. Here’s my skeletal version of why:

Why fat is “bad”

Fat, which cannot be burned by the body, will eventually be stored as fat – on your body. That place where we don’t want a lot of it to be. Generally speaking, with more fat on your frame, the more likely you are to be on a path to negative health affects (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, etc.). As someone who got to 220 pounds on a 5’4″ frame, I can attest to this.

Why fat is “good”

When you eliminate high-carb foods, over several days, fat starts to become used by your body as its primary source of energy. When you eat carb-heavy foods, your body uses those carbs as its first source of fuel, but it’s the fat that we want to get rid of, amirite?
Think about it, without a bunch of carbs in your body, your body will begin to burn FAT! If the body is primarily burning carbs, you’ll basically get caught up in a loop where your body is just burning off the carbs day in and day out.

There’s more to it, but that is sorta the gist of it. For a more in depth look into this and more about “keto” in general, check this out.

Keto is Not for Everyone

Before I dive into talking more about my keto journey, I want to stress the importance of doing what works for you. I’m not trying to persuade folks to eat this way. I decided to write about this in case anyone was curious about what I’m eating and why I’m eating it. I know for a whole bunch of us – I was once in the same boat – we see the mention of anything containing high-fat and we immediately dismiss it and write it up as hog wash. Trust me. I get it.

If the LCHF way of eating is not your speed, I implore you to go with what works for you. In whatever you decide, I suggest you partake in lots and lots of research.

How I Discovered Low-Carb High Fat

I’m not exactly sure where I learned of it, but I believe it was on a message board somewhere. Several years ago, I first saw the term “keto” and read about folks who quickly lost a whole lot of weight…all by eating foods that contained loads of fat and little to no carbs. I was immediately intrigued, but thought that I could never get into something as “extreme” as that way of eating. However, I kept that thought of folks losing weight in the back of my mind…

Transitioning from Paleo to Keto

Because I’m the type of person who typically doesn’t knock anything until I try it (unless it’s an obvious bald-face lie) I decided to give the Paleolithic (aka paleo) way of eating a chance. In my mind, it was the “not so extreme” version of keto. In a nutshell, paleo eating focused on the elimination of grain-based products, sugar, and highly-manufactured products. It was all about meat and veggies. And fat! It didn’t focus on low-carbs. Heck, you could eat mashed sweet potatoes (which are delicious as hell, by the way.) I did that whole thing for a while…even did a school project on it.

You know how you become desperate to lose weight? Yeah, that’s kinda what happened to me. “Ok, what was that thing called that those folks did to lose that weight all fast and whatnot? Keedo? Keto!” Bingo.

I did my research on it. I read about it until my eyes hated me. I wanted to make a well-informed decision before I ended up beating the hell up out of my heart, you know? I kinda need that to live.

And once I was satisfied with what I came up with, I took a leap… A leap into a proverbial blob of fat that brought me plenty of weight-loss success.

What Benefits Do I Get Out of It

Pic of OperationGetIt
See. This is what happened.
As long as I don’t go overboard with how much I eat, and coupled with exercise and drinking lots of water, I find that the weight comes off faster than any other way of eating that I have encountered so far.
The body is easily satiated with high-fat foods. Coupled with moderate protein, I find that I’m not as hungry as I normally would be with foods that are high in carbs.
After going through the dreaded carb-flu (more info here), I find myself with higher energy levels.
With all the water keto encourages you to drink, blemishes, spots, and specks have cleared right on up.
Guys. This one is important. If you were ever around me when your nose came across one of my stink bombs, you would want to shank me. My farts are now like… less frequent, and dare I say, odorless. But maybe I’m biased; as they say, everyone prefers their own brand.

There’s more, but you get it. It’s all great stuff, man. Great stuff… until you eat all the donuts because the hangry got the best of you. *sigh*

From Here Forward

With that being said, I’ve experienced all of those aforementioned benefits and ended up reversing a lot of them. I’m back on the wagon after a craaaaaazy hiatus where I ate one little tasty carb-laden snack and proceeded to eat everything in sight for months.

Let’s see where this goes again, shall we?

If you have any questions or want me to specifiy more, feel free to shoot me a comment. I’ll try my best to answer it and/or point you in the right direction for helpful info!

Thanks for reading!


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