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My Current Weight and Stats – 8/30/2015

Ah yes. The dreaded scale.

I’m often afraid of what it will read when I step on it because it usually shows a number higher than what I expect. I’ve learned not to judge progress based solely by the number on the scale, but it can still suck to see the number either stay the same as the previous weigh-in…or go higher. The irrational fear is hardwired, I guess.

Either way, I plan on weighing myself and taking my body measurements (e.g. chest, hips, thighs, etc.) once a month in order to track my progress.

The body’s weight can fluctuate from day to day, so stepping on the scale everyday, or even once a week, may give me results that simply frustrate me. I’ll hold off to give my body time to acclimate to its changes.

Now, for the results!

Today, the scale read: 172 pounds

172.2 to be precise

Hey, that’s pretty awesome!

Just to give a bit of background, I used to weigh 205 pounds a couple years ago. 172 pounds is the lowest I’ve been in years. Yayy!

My Stats  (August 30, 2015)

  • Age: 31
  • Height: 5’4″ (Let’s hope this doesn’t change lol)
  • Weight: 172 lbs
  • Arm Measurement: 12 inches
  • Calf Measurement: 14.3 inches
  • Chest Measurement: 38 inches
  • Forearm Measurement: 8 inches
  • Hip Measurement: 41 inches
  • Shoulder Measurement: 44 inches
  • Thigh Measurement: 24 inches
  • Waist Measurement: 36 inches

Before I measure, I find the approximate midway point for my arm, calf, forearm, and thigh to wrap the tape measure around. (For consistency, I will measure my right limbs.) For my hips, I measure around the part that sticks out the furthest (read: ass). For my waist, I measure right around my belly button. Measuring my shoulders is tricky because I have no one to help measure for me, but I get it done.

Here’s a picture of me measuring my thigh…

My thigh...and not a very, very large penis
Muh thigh

The tape measure is by MyoTape, but any  soft tape measure will do.

Alright! So, that’s it for now. Let me mark down on my calendar to update my stats here at the end of September.

I’ll put up more posts before then! 🙂

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