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No Scale November


So, my weight has been fluctuating. I know this. I can feel this. I can see this. And this is all without getting on the scale.

Sometimes, I love that scale, and most times, I hate its guts and call it a stupid liar. Denial is not only a river that runs in Egypt, they say.

Here’s the deal: The last time I hopped on a scale was Monday, October 24, 2016, and that was because I had a doctor’s appointment. I noticed that the scale was up about 6 pounds more than the last time I got on the scale. And the last time before that was several months ago.

The great thing is that I am not going to worry about the scale this month. I am going to do what I do: stick to my eating and fitness habits and enjoy the process without an arbitrary number trying to get on my nerves.

Feel free to join me, folks! And if you already jumped on the scale this month, no worries! We’ve still got plenty of time in this month.

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