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Quotes I Strive to Live By

Hello folks!

This morning, I woke up with the thought of quotes on my mind. Here are a few that I try to live by each day. Sometimes, I slip, but with practice comes perfection, they say. šŸ˜›


If you can do it within 5 minutes, do it now.


As an avid procrastinator, this one is huge. I cannot tell you how many times I have put off doing the dishes, ironing my clothes, fixing my lunch, etc. only to scramble to do it all at the last minute. GettingĀ something that takes 5 minutes or less out of the way is easy (although, the fickle mind might not agree at the time) and it helps to relieve so much stress in the long run.

It’s becoming easier and easier to implement this into my daily life. It’s so much better to wake up knowing that my lunch is already packed, my clothes are already ironed, and the kitchen is nice and clean for an impromptu meal, if I so choose.


Competition is the thief of joy.


This quote can be implemented in a variety of life’s scenerios. However, with this quote, I will focus on our fitness lives.

I believe we’re all guilty of seeing someone with a to-die-for body and saying to ourselves “Wow! He/She looks amazing! I can NEVER look like that!”

And that, folks, is where you’ll start to see your fitness goals start to break down. It’s important to know that you are YOU for a reason. I’ve learned to be the best version of meĀ that I can become. I kill all doubts of inferiority by focusing on my goals and knowing that I too can have the body I want. That person worked hard for that body. I can too! Try not to letĀ someone else’s looks deter you from improving.

Chances are, that the person you admire came from a place similiar to ours. Everyone had to start from somewhere.


You can’t please everyone, nor should you try.


“Oh, I can never do that. I will look silly.”

Have you heard yourself or someone you know say something similiar to that? I’m guilty of saying that as a response to a lot of things… That is, until I hit an ephiphany of sorts in my late 20s.

Why was I worried about looking silly? Turns out, I was always afraid of judgement. I was afraid of people frowning their faces and/or laughing at me for looking a way that was deemned unacceptable to others. I was living for the validation of others.

But why? Social upbringings, I guess. Some things are hardwired and hard to shake, I found out.

Over time, it has become easier to just do what I want to do. Living for others creates unnecessary stress, and who needs that? If something makes me happy and I want to do it, I will do it. As long as no one is in harms way, I will do it. I will jump on that swing and yelp like a rabid dog.Ā I will dance wildly in public and embrace the stares. I will wear the outfit that makes me feel like ME.

And trust me, being the genuine you attracts some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

I’m interested in knowingĀ some of your favorite quotes! šŸ˜€ Share away in the comment box below!

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