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Random Weigh-In Mini Update

You know how you can just look in the mirror and tell that you’re losing weight? Maybe maybe slowly, but you’re still losing.

I took that as a sign to go ahead and jump on the scale.

After waking on Sunday, I decided to pull out my Fitbit Aria scale from underneath my bed. I jumped on it, and was pleasently suprised to see a drop in several pounds since I last got on on February 21, 2016.

I went from 167 pounds to 161. Yay! Soon, I’ll be in the 150’s, and frankly, I cannot fathom that right now.

161.3 Pounds
Sorry for the sucky photo quality, but that says 161.3 Pounds 😛

With that good news, I’m going to take this week by the horns, spank it, and make it mine! 😀

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