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The Beginning…Sorta

I’ve been here before time and time again…and maybe you have, too.

You know that part in life when you’re on the couch, wearing a greasy t-shirt, snacks in hand, while letting the TV watch you, and you realize:

“Hey. I need to put down the icecream, cookies, and pies, get up and start exercising. Like…yesterday!”

That’s where I’m at right now. I was doing well up to a point a while ago, but I decided to jump back on the wagon. I also decided that documenting my journey would be just the thing I need to further my motivation to stick with it.

So this is the plan:

Every week (at least), I plan on putting up a post about what I’ve done and/or what I feel proud of. The topics may vary, but I want to keep fitness, weight loss, and healthy eating at the forefront.

The goal here is to “get it”, and we can’t stop getting it! In order to live a fulfilling life, we’ve got to go through hurdles. I wouldn’t call writing consistently a “hurdle”, but it’s definitely something that doesn’t come natural to me. (Blame the procrastination that thrives within my soul.)

When it comes to food and fitness, here’s a bit of what I’d like to address soon:

  • Food:
    • What I eat
    • How I prepare
    • Why I eat what I eat
  • Fitness
    • What exercises do I do
    • Why I do it
    • The importance of it
    • Body measurements

And much, much more!

That’s all for now! I’ll be back shortly!

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