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This Week Was Full of Food

…And not, “good” food, either.

I noticed that tempting food seemingly pops up out of nowhere a few weeks before the end of the semester (we’re smack-dab at the end of it now, folks).

I work at a college, and many of the students and professors show up with cookies, donuts, and other delicious and not-so-nutritious snacks to reward the classes for a job well done.

End-of-the-semester meetings are frequent. And of course, someone’s got to provide catering for breakfast and/or lunch. *eye roll*

When all of this goes on, I find myself stuck and conflicted.

Those cookies look good. You don’t need them. Butttt…. You’ve been good. Treat yo self 2016.

And just like that, I grabbed 1…2…6 cookies and stuffed my face.

I forgot how good you tasted, sugar! You missed you!

The thing is…this lasted all week. Writing this, I’m sitting here at my desk and stuffed to the nines. I had two about three bagels topped with cream cheese (mmm), an assortment of meat (ooooh), and oh…veggies. At least it wasn’t all that bad, right?

To sum it up, this week was filled with:

  • chocolate (Ghirardelli is the devil)
  • chips
  • open-faced bagel sandwiches
  • breakfast wraps
  • Ranch dressing
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • Ice cream…with toppings…Lots and lots of toppings

In moderation, these things aren’t necessary bad for you, but I. Went. H.A.M.

I did eat some things that ahered to my diet. To see pictures, please check out my gallery here.

So yeah, I indulged this week, but I’m not going to feel bad about it. Only a tiny bit of progress, if any, was lost. Next week is a new week, and I’ll be right on track again. You heard it here first.

P.S. I told my cowoker to slap any “bad” food out of my hand if she sees me with it in the future. 😛

If you too are struggling, hold on out there!

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